Monday, May 9, 2011

Farmer's Markets

I can’t believe my family has waited this long to get to a farmer’s market this year! The Cherry Street Farmer’s Market officially opened on April 4th (Wednesday) this year.  Why do I LOVE the farmer’s market? There are so many reasons. First, I like giving my kids an opportunity to see and talk with the farmers, bakers, and shop owners that grow and prepare the foods we eat. They are so much more interested in the healthy foods I want them to eat when they have an idea of where the food comes from. Second, there are no Twinkies, Hoho’s, pop tarts, or sugary cereals. These abominations do not exist at the farmer’s market, because they come from factories not kitchens. Third, there is the opportunity to support local farmers and businesses.  And last but not least, fresher than fresh produce! That lettuce has not been on a truck for 3 days, held in the back room for a day and sitting in the produce cooler for 2 more days.  It was picked yesterday (maybe this morning).
So get a little closer to the source of your food. Check out one of these local farmer’s markets soon!

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